Osa Power & Water is headquartered in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica and branch offices in Platanillo and coming soon to San Jose.  This web site focuses narrowly on electrical contracting and solar power supply, both independent and grid-tie.  Our water division provides a wide range of services that are described here.  Hydroelectric development is described in detail here.

OPW has fifteen years of experience providing solutions in Costa Rica.  Our mission is to provide economically viable, sustainable development alternatives for high efficiency utilization of renewable resources, waste minimization, and systems optimization.  We provide engineering, design, permitting, equipment sales, and construction services.

Beyond our versatile in-house capacity our development partners include specialist contractors in the fields of environmental permitting, electrical engineering, primary grid extension, excavation and machinery, surveying, legal, and general contracting.

For a free email assessment based on your description, please write to solutions@osapower.com or fill out our questionnaire, and we’ll get back right away with feedback.